Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Irene Clean Up

Applewoods got through Irene with just some fallen leaves and walnuts. "Some" might not be very accurate. I don't think there are any walnuts left on the trees. That means that the squirrels  have less bombs to throw at us, but it also means that the yard has become a great place to sprain your ankle.

We got to work right away picking them up, and the dogs even volunteered to help. Diesel came out first to do his share in the parking lot. He thought the walnuts tasted nasty.


Sandy cleaned up the drive way. I think she really liked them too, because she kept trying to take them back out of the bag.


Ben acted like he did this every day, and did his share of clean up quickly.


Sanity gets points for speed. She did drive-by's and scooped the walnuts up to bring them back faster than the other dogs.


And Rugby, he was the bag holder. He could only fit the smallest walnuts in his mouth and there were not many of them.

Bag Holder

It is now safe to walk at Applewoods. The clean-up inside the yard included a lot more than a bag of walnuts. Pictures of our new walnut collection coming up!

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