Saturday, May 28, 2011

Applewoods Gives You Wings

Applewoods gives Sanity wings to fly over the stumps with...
Stump Jumpers

Applewoods gives Ben wings to fly over the High Jump with...
Jumping Circle

Applewoods gives Kris wings enough to fly over the High Jump AND her dog with...
Murphy High Jump

Applewoods gives Jewels wings to fly over the High Jump...
Jewels High Jump

Applewoods gives Sugar wings to play with Murphy...
Dirty Boys

Applewoods gives wings to ALL the dogs, so they can reach their goals. Whether it is the Jolly Ball thrown on the other side of the stumps, or being an enjoyable companion.
Stump Jumpers

Friday, May 27, 2011

Forget the Gym

When your dog learns to retrieve at Applewoods, be it in the Bachelor's Class or through Boot Camp, they will also learn how to jump. That is exactly what the current Bachelor's Class is learning this week.

Diesel Jump

Since the dogs need lots of repetitions going over the various jumps, we have been taking some time out of the day to get that practice in.

Sandy Jump

We were having so much fun taking the day care dogs in the Bachelor's Class over the jumps that we expanded our session to any and all day care dogs that volunteered themselves for the jumping. Diesel, Red, Sandy, Holly, Lilith and Caruso all enjoyed their few minutes of fame. 

Lilith Jumping

With so much running around with the dogs, I think we can skip the gym for this week! 

Holly Jumping

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dead, Frozen Mice

Dead, frozen mice make wonderful dog training distractions. The human students and the dog students have very different reactions to them, though! 

Dead Frozen Mouse and Sugar  Charlotte and the Mouse

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Armed Forces Day

The local American Legion had its 2nd Annual Armed Forces Celebration. Since they are right down the street from Applewoods, we decided to take some time in between the Saturday lessons and classes and check out the festival!

Rugby, Sandy and Caruso went and they were sporting their Applewoods Dog Training vests.

Armed Forces Day

There were not any games for the dogs, but all those stuffed animals sure were tempting!
Armed Forces Day

The vendors were gracious enough to share their shade with the dogs as we wandered around the festival.
Armed Forces Day

Sandy is dreaming of a baby pool in this picture...
Armed Forces Day

One of the WWII guys had some of his gear set up as 'living history' and let the dogs drink out of a helmet.
Armed Forces Day

We left just in time for the afternoon lessons, but on the way back Caruso and Rugby got some extra energy out by running up the underneath of the overpass.
Armed Forces Day

This is one of our secret weapons at Applewoods. Going up and down the overpass a few times is perfect for taking the edge off excited dogs and getting them ready to work!
Armed Forces Day

Thanks Rugby, Sandy and Caruso for being good representatives of Applewoods Dog Training!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

What do kids, a dog named Sugar, hot dogs and a bar'b'que have in common?

Well..they all went together today at the AWANA Bar'b'Que event.

Here's the Cubbie group...myself in the middle and Sugar dressed up in a Cubbie t-shirt and holding a treasured puppet from the class (no...I DID NOT LET him eat it, just had him Hold it).

We got real silly and LOL at the plastic glasses on Sugar's face...this is one cool dude..don't you think?

Finally, after a brief hot dog was time for Sugar to work. ALL the kids and a few adults wanted to watch Sugar "Fetch" his dumbbell on a board surrounded by hot dogs! What did Sugar do? He did his job..."Fetch"...and retrieved the dumbbell over and over and over again, despite me moving the location of the hot dogs closer to his dumbbell at the request of the children.

What did the children do when Sugar successfully did his job..."Fetch" his dumbbell despite the hot dog temptation? The cheered, applauded, and ran forward to pet him. What did Sugar do? Laid down (as I told him) and rolled over so ALL the kids could scratch his belly.

Then the children scampered away to another activity....and Sugar went and played football with the teenage boys. What's Sugar doing right now....sacked out and snoozing away after his adventures today. Sugar is beloved by the children...they've decided it's just more fun to have a dog like Sugar at all their fun functions so he's become the unofficial mascot. What a delightful afternoon!


Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Saturday Pack

Sugar and Sanity

Just a photo dump for today.

Prepare for take off

The pack was able to sneak in some yard time in between classes and lessons.

Saturday Pack

They use the tree stumps much differently than the little dogs do!

Play Ball

The stumps do make the retrieve game a little more interesting!

Stump Jump