Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Upside

The snow can be a real pain... cancelled classes, slippery drive ways, being stuck inside for training, not to mention the slush and giant puddles that comes with the melting snow.

There is an upside however, that makes all these negatives worth the hassle.


Like the mountain of freshly plowed snow that sits right at the end of the black top. Turns out, it is a perfect obstacle to make the game a little more interesting for a certain Golden pup we know.


She was relieved to find out that she didn't have to run all the way around the snow pile, and took great pleasure in climbing up and jumping off the pile... over and over and over again.


She was the only dog interested in the extra challenge that the snow pile presented, so she split her time between her own personal snow-pile-focused retrieve game and the rest of the pack's boring-snow-pile-less retrieve game. So thoughtful of her. :-p



Yes, I know the main roads are now clear.  I know that many of the side roads and parking lots are not clear.  I also know it is going to freeze up later and where there is no snow it will more than likely be covered with black ice. 

Prince George's Public Schools are closed and SO ARE WE.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dog for hire at Lowe's:)

Just a reminder that dog training is best when done with LOTS of the dog learns to hold a matter what else is going on.

Sugar was 'dressed' in his Applewoods Dog Training gear last we headed to Lowe's to do a return...which he carried into the store in a bag (I so LOVE having my dog Fetch on command....and he sure carries himself proudly whenever we practice).

Winter weather can make training outside a challenge for some, so places that accept dogs, on-leash off course! provide a fantastic training opportunity as well as the chance to go shopping! Sugar was working on his light line work, which is the foundation for off-leash training, at Lowe's last night.
He was part of the 'greeter' job, as well as standing still and quiet as the carpet cutting machine behind him was working (man, it makes a racket!). We walked up and down aisles doing heeling, sits, downs, stays and recalls. Sugar had a wonderful time staring UP at things that fascinated him like the ceiling fan displays, holding a Down/Stay when the carpet machine 1st started (yes, he held his down), and being a Lowe's 'greeter' for a couple of minutes while on a sit/stay. Perhaps he could get hired as a Lowe's greeter?
Twas an Applewoods training moment:)

Snow Daze

Just a reminder.  Applewoods follows the Prince George's County Public schools on weather closings.  That said; there will be NO CLASSES TODAY due to that awful white stuff. Sorry ''bout that.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Working on a Sunday?

Well, yes it is a Sunday, but dog training never ends! Wayne, my husband, I, and Sugar have a once-a-month opportunity to share God's Word with the folks at the Encore Assisted Living Home.

This was Sugar's 2nd time visiting the folks here and he's a BIG hit. Because he's gentle and so well-behaved, the residents here feel safe with him so he gets LOTS of petting, fondling, stroking and comments like, "What a good dog you are, Sugar!" I ask each resident if they want to meet him...if they say yes, then I put him on a Sit/Stay while they stroke him.

Then we go to the theater room where everyone is getting situated so I work Sugar on Retrieves, Stand, Stand/Stays, Sit/Stays, Down/Stays, doggie push-ups, Swing & Heel positions in very small tight square corners, Back, Turn/Sit and whatever else seems appropriate.

Sugar is on a Long Down when Wayne is speaking and on a Stay while I'm singing....for which he promptly closes his eyes and goes to sleep.

Even though it's a training continues for an Applewoods dog, named Sugar Bear:)

Roxanne Lee

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Excuses poem

Excuses – We all have’m

I cannot train my dog today,
the sky is overcast and gray,
the air's too damp,
I've got a cramp,
and the dog's just eaten anyway.

Can't find the leash,
got home too late,
I'm due somewhere tonight at eight.
I've got a rash, a gash and bumps,
too tired now to get the jumps.

Traffic's made me tense and strained,
I have to lose this weight I've gained.
How can we work when it's just rained?

The dog's too hyper,
my mood is blue,
I must be coming down with the flu,
I cough, I sneeze and wheeze and choke,
Oh darn! My only dumbbell broke!

Too cold outside - my feet are numb.
There's a sliver in my thumb.
The house needs cleaning, it's a sight.
I have to work overtime tonight.
I had a nap.
Had company.
Lawrence Welk is on TV.
My toe is sore - it might be gout,
I think my hair is falling out.

I ate too much.
My day's been rough.
I think my dog has had enough
of this daily training grind,
we need some time off to unwind.

Author Unknown
Maryland had a snow/ice storm that came in last night....but dogs still need to be worked and's so cold outside! That means it must be time to work the dogs inside where it's warm and heated:) So, all excuses set aside, it's time to go work dogs as training never ends here at Applewoods - no matter what.


Monday, January 3, 2011

Play Hard

Team Applewoods includes a wide range of hard working dogs. From my little Maltese to Tiny, the English Mastiff our dogs are useful companions to their owners. One of the joys of having hard working dogs is that if you are going to work hard, you also have to play hard! That is exactly what Team Applewoods did to celebrate the holidays this year.

They drank up…
Drink Up

They shared gifts…

They danced and jumped for joy…

Most of all, they enjoyed the company of other great dogs and put to use (yet again) their wonderful Applewoods training!

The retrieve, the place command, the sit and down stays are important factors for properly “playing.” A level of reliability and comfort with the commands and the other dogs is also a requirement.

Brandy, Pete, Rugby, Sanity, Caruso, Ellie and Sugar all met these requirements and had a wonderful time celebrating the holidays with each other!

 If you want to see more, we have a behind the scenes video coming soon!