Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter, dogs & eggs

Miss Harlow and Sugar doing a staunch HOLD with his Easter egg:)

More kids and more opportunities for Sugar to practice "Hold" despite the many distractions.

Kids & dogs...oh what fun!

The BIG Easter Egg hunt -training continues on the sidelines with Sugar!

Kids & dogs....oh what fun!

More kids & dog time....Sugar, you're a suck up for attention!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hide and Seek

Now you see me -

Now you don't -

But you are coming back over to play with me, right?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Catawba Tree Lives On


Rosie and Rugby waited patiently while all the other dogs checked out. When the owners came, they very politely greeted them and invited them to play.
Check Out Time

Soon, all the other dogs were gone and they had the yard to themselves. That is when their adventure began.
Exploring Together

Scattered throughout the yard are the remnants of the Catawba tree in the form of place boards, a bigger mulch pile, and figure eight posts. You didn't think Margot would let the tree go that easily did you? Rosie hadn't been here since the tree came down and she took the opportunity to explore every aspect of the new yard decor, with Rugby watching her every move.

Rosie shows Rugby the ropes

Rugby stared in awe as Rosie hopped down a row of the new stumps. I think this picture says it clearly, "Why didn't I think of that?!"
Stump is all yours, Rugby!

You don't have to show him more than once, because soon after Rugby was trying his best to hop across the stumps just like Rosie had!
I *think* I can reach it!

Needless to say, Rugby was very proud of himself and made sure to catch up to Rosie and tell her what a great idea she had! 
Catch me if you can

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lost in Laurel - perspectives, seasons and shopping

Sugar's thinking, "Some days ya'know...makes me wonder things like - Where am I? Where is everyone? Am I lost in Laurel, MD?"
"Then, some days we have yucky weather which mean it's time to work inside. How come I'm stuck up here and Shadow...whatta ya down there?" Sugar is musing. Shadow's thinking...."How come Sugar you're UP THERE on a Place command and I have to hold a Sit/Stay...don't they know how widdle I am?"
"Where is everyone? How come I'm doing a Sit/Stay, all my by the rain?" sighs Sugar.
Yikes....then Monday, yippee! rain's gone and it's hot, hot, hot! So hot...the pool had to come out so all us dogs could cool off! Hey, scoot over..there's standing room only with you in here too! Duchess...the pool princess! last, tis solo pool time at last. Time for Sugar to chill out..:) "Whaaat's this? Rain? Again? Soggy, gooey, sticky mud I have to wade through at the Labrador Retriever Speciality today in Frederick? Yuck! Whata you mean? I have to do a Sit/Stay, in the mud, with all these other dogs watching?" mutters Sugar. "What?" Sugar wonders..."You expect me to do a Down/Stay in gooey, ooey, sticky mud almost 4" thick?" Yup...I do, Sugar:) "Can't believe you expect me, a Labrador Retriever, with my legs and belly totally muddy from the last Down/Stay, to do more Down/ a 6" puddle of water with people walking by, admiring my obedience..and taking my picture while saying I'm cute!" Sugar sighs. "Are we done yet?" Nope...not yet, Sugar:)

"Whew...nearly dry from today's 'mud training at Frederick' and NOW...she expects me to go 'shopping at the hardware store AND carry the basket?" Oh..well, I am a Labrador Retriever and this is my job! Can we go home now?" Sugar asks. Yes...let's go home and get dry..shall we?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The nose knows....tis time to train

Rosie (the brown/white nose) is sure wondering why Shadow (in the blue sweater) is working and she's not. Humpf! Then Rosie turned away because she wasn't getting 'trained' so opted to ignore Shadow and me completly.
So Rosie appealed to the camara gal taking the pictures - Elice - and asked if Elice would "train her" too like Shadow?

Elice - the camara gal said she was too busy, so Rosie gave up in disgust, turned to Red Dog and whispered into Red's ears her woes about being ignored.

Poor Rosie....

Friday, April 1, 2011

Back to the Basics


It is always good to remember where you came from, even if just to remind yourself how far you have come. Last night we had those who came to the Continuing Education Class go through the motions of their very first weeks of training here at Applewoods.

From leash handling, to collar positions, all the way down to your foot work... its the details that count when you are training your dog. Last night was a great reminder for all that attended and a refresher course for the ones that had forgotten. 

ellieStand3 sugarStand1