Thursday, September 29, 2011

Best Trick

The dog that won it all... Sugar! Roxanne and Sugar put their Applewoods training to good use for the show. Take a look at their performance below.

Some commands that were used during the skit...

Heel: The foundation of teamwork. Being able to move fluidly with your dog to and from any destination.
Place: A go-to-your-spot command that can be generalized to send the dog to their crate, mat, the car or the couch. 

Fetch: The working retrieve was used to have Sugar hold the bag, bring back the bowls and carry the place mat out.
Mark: When there are multiple items to retrieve, being able to indicate one over the other is a great help to the dog and the handler.

Come: A reliable recall is the most important thing you can teach your dog. The recall was modified and used to call the dog to heel, and is included in the working retrieve. 

Sit: And automatic sit has been taught so that every time Roxanne stops the dog is sitting, waiting for instruction. 

Stay: When the bowls are put out, Sugar was put on a stay. This way he is ready to do any number of things next. 

Three of these commands are introduced as early as the Elementary Class, and in the first four weeks of the Boot Camp program at Applewoods. Check out the Training Programs page to find out when you can get started teaching your dog the above commands.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Novice Demonstration

Little Dogs Weaving Big Dogs

The Applewoods students did more than just compete at the Laurel Dog Show this past weekend. We also took a moment or two to practice some of our Novice obedience skills. We had a total of eight dogs in the demo - Rugby, Caesar, Diego, Sandy, Ellie, Coco, Ben and Sugar. 

Group Stays at Laurel Dog Show

We started off with a group Sit/Stay. Then we did a recall exercise, before we lost some of our demo dogs so they could compete in the show. We finished up by taking turns weaving in and out of the different sized dogs. We got some of the highlights of the demo on camera, the video is below. 

Good job, Team Applewoods! 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Laurel Dog Show

Applewoods was well represented at Laurel's Third Annual Dog Show this morning. We had a table set up with information on our next Canine Good Citizen test on October 15th and our upcoming group classes. We also had a drawing for a copy of Margot's book, Mud Heaven. Rugby was the unofficial table mascot, and wagged his tail at all our visitors, with the occasional kiss.

Several of our students entered the competition and brought home some ribbons! Retha and Shadow, the toy poodle, entered in Best Puppy and took the the blue ribbon. He is one cute puppy!

Retha and Shadow, Best Puppy

Next was Jan and Ben, who entered in Most Obedient. A drop-on-recall and retrieve on the flat got him first place in that class!

Jan and Ben, Most Obedient

 Roxanne went last with Sugar in the final class of the day, Best Trick. They had a whole skit that included directed retrieving of food bowls, fetching and placing on a cushion, and carrying the bowls away. Not only did they take Best Trick, but they went onto win Best In Show too!

Best In Show, Roxanne and Sugar

Applewoods also did a demonstration at the event. More pictures and videos to come! We met lots of new people, and cute dogs too! Thanks to the City of Laurel's Department of Parks and Rec for a great dog-filled afternoon.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Class cancelled tonight at Fidos

Roads are being closed, more rain is expected tonight..and the traffic is nuts. Class tonight at Fidos for Freedom is cancelled.

Roxanne Lee...speaking for Margot Woods

Saturday, September 3, 2011

We've Got Trouble

Super PuppyMr. Burly

Two puppies that are both such dare devils that they leap off stumps on their first day at Applewoods?! These two are going to keep us busy!

We had a lot of fun playing with Burly, the Rottweiler, and Mozart, the Giant Schnauzer, after this morning's private lessons and group classes were over.