Sunday, May 22, 2011

What do kids, a dog named Sugar, hot dogs and a bar'b'que have in common?

Well..they all went together today at the AWANA Bar'b'Que event.

Here's the Cubbie group...myself in the middle and Sugar dressed up in a Cubbie t-shirt and holding a treasured puppet from the class (no...I DID NOT LET him eat it, just had him Hold it).

We got real silly and LOL at the plastic glasses on Sugar's face...this is one cool dude..don't you think?

Finally, after a brief hot dog was time for Sugar to work. ALL the kids and a few adults wanted to watch Sugar "Fetch" his dumbbell on a board surrounded by hot dogs! What did Sugar do? He did his job..."Fetch"...and retrieved the dumbbell over and over and over again, despite me moving the location of the hot dogs closer to his dumbbell at the request of the children.

What did the children do when Sugar successfully did his job..."Fetch" his dumbbell despite the hot dog temptation? The cheered, applauded, and ran forward to pet him. What did Sugar do? Laid down (as I told him) and rolled over so ALL the kids could scratch his belly.

Then the children scampered away to another activity....and Sugar went and played football with the teenage boys. What's Sugar doing right now....sacked out and snoozing away after his adventures today. Sugar is beloved by the children...they've decided it's just more fun to have a dog like Sugar at all their fun functions so he's become the unofficial mascot. What a delightful afternoon!


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