Sunday, January 29, 2012

Today, not exactly AT Applewoods

Although Applewoods is officially closed for business on Sundays, it doesn't mean that today was not a busy day for Applewoods Dog Training.

A group of us all met up in Beltsville, MD at the first match of the season at Canine Training Association (CTA). Matches are a great way to test your dog's readiness to enter an actual trial, and they are also a great way to "take your show on the road" when training. Typically, matches are set up exactly like obedience trials, except that the judges and stewards are most likely volunteers who are members of the facility hosting the match. There is no scoring, unless you request that the "judge" scores you. And, they don't count toward titles. So, even if the match judge gives you a perfect 200, you haven't earned a leg toward a title.... sigh....

Steve and terrier Sasi were there to work on Open. Kathy and Doberman Jasmine entered both Open and Utility. Pam and Brussels Griffon Cabot also entered both Open and Utility. New apprentice trainer Mike came out to cheer us on, and even brought a friend.

This was the first time that both Jasmine and Cabot did full Utility run-thrus in a completely new ring setting. Both dogs have been to CTA for other events, but this was our first trip into the Utilty ring. Both did a fantastic job on scent discrimination, but both need lots more work in the other skills before we enter a real trial. Cabot had trouble with his go-outs, especially after the directed retrieve. Since he was sent for the #1 glove, he thought that was the new go-out place. Sigh... Jasmine loves directed jumping, but still needs some work on the signals. Sadly, Steve and Sasi were in another building and we missed their run.

It was a great experience for everyone, and we all went home with a list of things to work on!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Toys and their guardian!

These cold winter days force the little dogs into the training studio to get any work done. They all took turns training Thursday, with Jasmine the Doberman too. Before we headed back into the office, they gathered around for a quick photo.

Jasmine and the Toys

Turns out, it is nearly impossible to take a picture of Rugby, the Maltese, and Shadow, the Toy Poodle, together. Rugby is always overexposed and Shadow is always underexposed. I could not find the happy medium. They still get some serious cute points, even if I couldn't get the picture I hoped for.

Group Shot

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Drum Roll Please...

And the winners are... 

Mary and Caesar took first prize, answering all the questions correctly on the first day of the contest. They won a copy of Mud Heaven and a copy of the Back to Work DVD. 

Jackie and Remy took second prize, coming in a close second on day three of the scavenger hunt and won a 2012 Applewoods Dog Training Calendar. 

Thanks to all who participated! We will be e-mailing the winners shortly so you can collect your prizes! 

ADT 2011 Scavenger Hunt Answers 

1) In one of the river pictures, something besides dogs, people and vegetation can be seen on the bank. It is right by the edge of the water. What is it? 
Pair of Sneakers

2) Name two dogs that have shown in the Obedience ring this year, and provide links to the post that features their accomplishments
Sasi, and Diego

3) There is cat in the mirror of one of our pictures. Which post is that picture in? Send us the link. 
4) What is the phone number of the company that took away Margot's favorite Catawba tree?

5) Tell us the name and breed of two puppies that are new to Applewoods this year. 
Burly, the Rottweiler puppy and Mozart the Giant Schnauzer puppy

6) In one video, ring boundaries are defined by something else besides baby gates. What was it? 
PVC pipe

7) Our big wading pool has fish, and what else printed on it? 

8) What did the dogs help to clean up after Hurricane Irene? 

9) Tell me what our blue, "Applewoods Dog Training" vests say on at least one side (not the top). 
Join Team Applewoods or Your dog can do this

10) There is a dog holding a trashcan lid in one of our photos. What color is it? 

11) One picture has a sign in the background that reads, "Best With Expert Advice." Where was that photo taken (type of place is fine)? 
12) How many dogs took the Canine Good Citizen test at Applewoods this summer and how many passed? 
14 & 14

Sunday, January 1, 2012

This Month at Applewoods

Happy New Years

January 10th
Elementary Group Class begins, from 7:30 - 8:30 pm. 

January 5th 
Pat Yourself on the Back Party, to recognize Obedience titles earned in 2011

January 12th
First Continuing Education Class off the new year. 

January 14th
Bachelor's Group Class begins, from 9:00 - 10:30 am.